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Well, well, this is not in any way a competition towards any other www.myspace.com community, but It is meant for those on my friends list and on any friends list throughout the Myspace site who want to get to know eachother a little bit easier. Kinda like another vein or branch.

Join this community and get the ball rolling. That's what this is meant for

With any community there are some rules that you all must abide by in order to stay on here and be allowed to write in here further. Or even comment for that matter.
There are very very few and I don't think that it's asking to much of any of you:

NO straight up PORN.

and if there is a nude photo of yourself (You must be 18 or older), then please place it behind LJ-cut and label it... *18+ or something like that. You're able to show whatever you choose, but please keep a warning on things like that for everyone to choose whether they want to view it or not.*
keep it tasteful. no open crotch shots, and no penetration, or masterbation of any kind. Keep it somewhat artsy

otherwise... have the time of your lives on here... and I hope I can help you out in some way or another.
Thank you




You can ADD me on www.myspace.com at:

AIM screen name:
*which is bound to change so keep an eye on my posts cause I may be changing my IM sn shortly, but I haven't decided yet*


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